Film Contest 影视竞赛

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Film Contest 影视竞赛



       当我们在被科技笼罩着的时候,我们却总也少不了对于自然风光的热爱,近年来越来越多的人旅行度假没有选择炫目繁华的大城市,而是返璞归真,到山水之间看看。欣赏“千里莺啼绿映红,水村山郭酒旗风”的美景, 感受“停车坐爱枫林晚,霜叶红于二月花”意境,“北国风光,千里冰封,万里雪飘”的豪迈。

There was a college entrance examination essay. Here was the content.
In the evening, a grandpa and his grandson looked out at the view from the balcony.
“Look! There are lights everywhere. No darkness on the street. Neon lights shine. Everything is splendid,” The boy says. “If electricity, modern technology and skyscrapers don’t exist, can we still appreciate the city’s beauty?” 
The old man nods and shakes his head in deep thought. “It’s a great pity that the stars disappear. Great changes are seen in the course of time! Ancestors set fire by the caves. The sun and moon took their courses, rising from the sea; the bright galaxy of stars sprung from the deep. Maybe the ancestors enjoyed the true beauty of the scenery.”

Two entirely different provocative opinions between the grandpa and grandson were expressed. Does eye-catching technology correspond to the modern trend? Or is simple, natural scenery more appreciated? 
Our ever-changing technology can alter life styles. Using technology, you can order anything, see anyone, and look at any scenery without leaving your home. Therefore, you may choose to stay at home and do everything with the help of technology.

Even when we are living in a technology-driven world, the love for natural scenery still persists. In recent years, an increasing amount of people chose to visit landscape views instead of flourishing cities. We are glad to look for wonderful scenery in ancient poetry. “Orioles can be heard singing amid the colorful trees and leaves from a thousand miles, and wine shop streamers float about the lakeside villages and hillside towns. ” “I stopped my carriage for I loved the maple tree in the twilight. The leaves after the early frost were as crimson as spring flowers.” “A hundred miles locked in ice, a thousand miles buried in snow.”

What’s your opinion on the relationship between technology and nature? Do you consider them to be opposites or in a harmonious relationship? 

Come and join us! CYPA film contest is officially launched.
Record your ideas through film. Display your personality. Express your passions and interests! This is a precious opportunity, filled with unexpected and fresh ideas. You can’t miss it!